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cut insurance costs


lowering the cost of insurance

Every day, cities, counties and other public agencies face exposures that can place their operations and budgets at risk. The premium agencies pay for coverage is only one component of the overall cost of risk. Without proper planning and management of other factors — including safety programs and uninsured exposures — the cost of risk for public agencies significantly increases.


Combining robust risk management strategies with effective insurance products, services and tools will help reduce exposures, minimize the impact of a loss and help manage the cost of risk more effectively.

Current traffic systems with sensors and timers are antiquated and are not equipped to handle the increase in vehicles on the road. green ocean AI’s computer vision and proprietary technology creates safer roads and intersections for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians which will lower city’s risks. A true ROI with green ocean AI will be quantified and achieved in just a few months, but having a single life saved by an investment in our technology, is priceless.


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