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proprietary solutions

data collection: counts and beyond, powered by AI


For traffic studies and traffic impact analyses: short-term, long-term, and custom length

A traffic study helps engineers generate “What if?” scenarios and predict the impact of a potential transportation improvement on the traveling public.



For street, lot, and garage parking vision

The parking industry is a $131 billion industry employing 581,000 workers. The parking industry represents 1% of GDP in the United States.




For toll, tunnel, and bridge vision

Engineers say the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge shows how the U.S. system has not evolved to keep up with modern challenges Baltimore bridge collapse highlights outdated safety standards, experts say.



traffic signal optimization, powered by AI


For creating the green ocean traffic signal and driving experience

A green wave is when 2-3 traffic signals are coordinated to provide continuous traffic flow. We provide cutting-edge technology to turn this green wave into an entire green ocean across a city.


For enhancing safety for all those on the road

More than 7,300 pedestrians are killed on U.S. roadways each year.




For environmentally-focused analytics

Vehicles are America's biggest air quality compromisers, producing about one-third of all U.S. air pollution.



trafficGPT, powered by AI​


For cross-reporting in previously unavailable ways

The industry's first tool to easily view data across locations, focus areas, and more in customizable reports and analytics dashboards.


For the industry's first generative AI tools

The industry's first tool to help users create new content and ideas for internal use or for their respective customers.


For previously unavailable and immediate results

The industry's first tool to provide access to previously unavailable information, internally and externally, in real-time.

customizable analytics dashboards, powered by AI​


For real-time insight and visibility

The industry's first customizable analytics dashboards that provide real-time insight and visibility into "what else" is happening on the roads.


For custom reports built on permission profiles

The industry's first single-database SaaS software that provides the highest security standards and permission profiles.


For predictive analytics

The industry's first predictive analytics tool to best prepare for future events.

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