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our SaaS


our AI-powered traffic management
SaaS and analytics optimization system

Our AI-powered traffic technology and analytics optimization system is specifically designed to revolutionize the way we manage traffic in urban areas. With cutting edge software algorithms, we will reduce safety concerns and traffic congestion, while positively impacting the environment. The software component of our system includes computer vision object detection, network link prediction, intersection state determination, and simulated prediction algorithms. These algorithms work together to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and prevent incidents. Additionally, these algorithms prioritize pedestrian safety, ensuring that our roads are safe for everyone.

We have made the strategic decision to create a proprietary software that is hardware-agnostic. This allows our team to source hardware from various manufacturers around the world that meet our specific standards of reliability, durability, and overall quality of excellence. It also allows our team to order, receive, and install our hardware in the shortest amount of time possible and for the best possible price, allowing cities around the world to maximize their ROI with green ocean AI, as quickly as possible. Contact us today to learn more about green ocean AI.

Our proprietary AI-powered technology was designed and is constantly improving to integrate with global cities’ existing traffic signals and controllers. This allows cities around the world to keep their existing traffic signals and controllers, while taking advantage of an industry leading traffic management SaaS. Through this integration, we aim to transform the way traffic is managed through urban areas. We believe that this technology will help create more livable and sustainable cities.

  • Portal containing dashboard with live camera footage, real-time analytics, and full time-stamped audit trail

  • Computer vision object detection specified by object

  • Network link prediction for city scale optimization

  • Intersection State Determination for Acute Optimization

  • Other algorithms for driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety; incident prevention, owner overrides, public event registration, and more.

  • green ocean AI cameras

  • green ocean AI CPU


  • Your existing traffic signals and traffic controllers

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