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technology in traffic


a timeline of traffic technology

December 10, 1868

1st gas-lit traffic signals were installed in London, UK. Proposed by British railway engineer J.P. Knight.


An American police officer, Lester Wire, designed the 1st electric traffic signal and it was installed in Cleveland, Ohio.


1st interconnected traffic signal system in Salt Lake City, UT; with 6 connected intersections controlled with a manual switch.


Charles Adler Jr. developed a sonically actuated light in Baltimore, MD; which allowed drivers to pull up to an intersection and honk their horns to make the light change. The following year he invented the 1st pedestrian push button.


Computerized detection was introduced to the industry by installing pressure plates at intersections, so computers would know when a car was waiting at a red light.


The countdown timer was introduced to traffic signals to help pedestrians know whether they have enough time to cross the road before the signal changes color.


June 1, 2023

green ocean AI launches a proprietary AI-powered traffic SaaS and analytics optimization system that seamlessly integrates with global cities’ existing traffic hardware. This results in a revolutionized driving experience; increased safety for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians; as well as a commitment and focus on to benefit the environment. green ocean AI also provides a SaaS platform for cities’ traffic and transportation officials, as well as public service departments including police, fire, etc.

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